「… i,too,
grow worn under touch … 」

ultimately, fetishization is informed by historical context and circumstance. it differs between peoples. eras. contexts. fetishization is reinforcement of colonial trauma: it is decontextualizing. it is dehumanizing. it is reductive.

to honor/respect differs from fetishization in that it promotes a non-factual idealization that magnifies some aspects, erasing others altogether, promoting a distorted perception of the truth and reality.

as a people who are considered by society at large ‘extinct’, we are not considered ‘a problem’ but a resource of ‘heritage’ to draw upon. representation is so precious for us.

when someone outside of our communities claims our identity, they misrepresent us, they promote false interpretations, informed by hegemonic perceptions, of who we really are.

glorification is epitomically a ‘magnifying’ distortion. when ultimately we’ve always just been human beings. this is fetishization.

if you can’t explicitly name the specific cultural aspect(s) of something supposedly ‘taino’, you are not to invoke the name at all. i often see references to practices and beliefs supposedly containing ‘taino’ elements, but this kind of lip service/name-dropping serves only as a way to further exotify while making misconceptions of ‘indigeneity’ more consumable.

every time a post like this is made i watch folks crawl out of the woodwork to reblog all manner of trash from the tag. today is no different. i see you

a fundamental divide between whites and poc is epistemological framing on issues of morality and humanity.

i see white leftists and liberals regularly enter discourse with statements like “privileged people can be good individuals but be complicit in a system of oppression”, while poc are like “privileged people who aren’t fighting against systems of oppression aren’t good people”.

if you can’t even acknowledge that centralising privilege in your language is important, especially when youre aware of issues like these? i can tell you right now you’re not that good a person.


I was reading about the Taino people today. In case you don’t know, they were the first group of people who had the unfortunate destiny of meeting Christopher Columbus (mass murderer & thief). He landed in their land, which is now Dominican Republic. Many Taino people were enslaved, died from diseases, murdered, etc.
Today, there still remain many people in the Greater Antilles with Taino blood and carry on the culture and traditions.
(Correct me if I got anything wrong).

This is true. I would like to point out that this illustration was not made by a Taíno and neither properly illustrates our symbolism or regalia.
No ill will directed at you.
i’m actually fairly proud of this

you’re telling me Black folk were truly benefiting during the baby boomer era when there were still sundown towns? when they were fighting during the civil rights movement? is that why black communities are worse off today than they were in the 1960s?

this is why iaopoc don’t fuck with your movements.

all i continue seeing from Leftists on tumblr is the silencing of poc. complaints that serve only to infantalize. tone-police. victim blame.

"baby boomers spent their twenties fighting for basic human dignity in a way most kids today can barely imagine". this is so laughable to me.

it centers the discussion as if things truly improved for poc. as if there was some kind of solidarity or the ‘baby boom’ was for us. as if the fight ever ended when we still face police brutality, illegal incarceration, homelessness, death, assimilation, occupation, and other violence capitalism still wreaks on us.

it is poc who are continually erased. it erases the complicity of baby boomers in right wing and conservative parties, of voting these politicians to power, who used racist/white supremacist tactics and propaganda to entice these voters. and these same people writing and passing racist, colonialist, and capitalist legislation. funding multiple unnecessary wars.

these settler moves to innocence continue to uphold settler myths of a white proletariat. they obscure the fundamental differences between race and class that are inextricable. poc working class is a fundamentally different lived experience.

whites in Latin America spoke of revolution and leftism at the expense of iaopoc, all while occupying indigenous land. did anything actually improve for indigenous people? this is part of a larger pattern. business as usual for whites.

what was the so-called ‘baby boom’ powered by?

occupied indigenous land and exploitation of their resources. without these, whites would have to revert to communal forms of living, tied to the land, in ways that many indigenous people have continuously known since time immemorial.

what did it consist of?

a boom in the white population on occupied land. benefits for iaopoc were comparatively marginal and an unintended side effect. please note that eradicative policies did not cease but were in their prime operation at this time.

who benefited from the post-war boom?

whites. at the expense of iapoc at home and abroad.

'white baby boomer' is generally as redundant as 'white racist'. poc can wield violence against other poc but that does not change what racism is, and working with any other definition only obfuscates white relations to power.

white Leftist discourse continuously obscures whites’ relation to power. as if capitalism isn’t directly sustained through the occupation of our lands and exploitation of our resources. i see white marxists and white communists who maintain online platforms and never mention iaopoc, but continue squatting on occupied land.

one particular blogger i previously held in high regard moved to occupied land to escape student loans from europe. solidarity with PoC from white leftists is merely superficial.